Travel Tips

  1. Booking the Trip

    Shop and then compare pricing. Just because a company is big or well known doesn’t always mean it’s the best for you.

    Research for some travel booking tips that will work for your needs.

    Be flexible with dates. That gives you a better chance of getting the prices down. Certain days of the week are cheaper to travel and always see if you are eligible for discounts.

    Chose and compare 3-4 companies and include all the fees, surcharges and taxes. Chose the best overall company.

  2. Travel Insurance

    Always take travel insurance because taking the risk of not having any could result in a ruined trip.

    Be a responsible traveler and take precautions by having insurance.

  3. Travel Itinerary

    It can be simple or detailed to however it may apply to your trip.

    If you are the trip organizer it’s a good idea to ask someone who has a lot of travel experience about how they do it.
    Investigate what itinerary travel agents and guidebooks may recommend and then prioritize that info to fit all your needs.

    All in all, the most flexible itinerary is most of the time the best.

  4. Packing

    Don’t over pack. Avoid the mistake of packing things you don’t need. Remember the weather does not always cooperate and cool temperatures can roll in. Remember to pack practical, comfortable and stylish.

  5. Have someone checking on things back at home

    Having a friend or relative checking your mail and checking on the security of the house will give you peace of mind and will give you the freedom to enjoy your trip without that worry.

  6. Keep Your Money and Documents Safe

    Keep color scans of your passports, birth certificates, travel insurance, drivers licenses. Plus a color scan of your travel documents and email them to yourself. It is always a good idea to have an electronic copy available if needed.

  7. Make a Travel Budget

    Keep track of what you are spending while travelling and make sure you do not exceed your overall budget.

  8. Document your trip in a Travel Journal

    Make some time available in the evening or even at breakfast and take down notes that will help you remember the details of the day. Record the who, what, when, where and how of your daily adventures. Write about favorite things you saw, ate, bought, and people you met.

  9. Bring a good camera

    Always take a good camera with you and make sure it is adequately insured and use a discreet camera bag for it. Always have fresh batteries and if traveling internationally a charging converter may be needed to accommodate different electric wall outlets.

  10. Stay in touch

    Communication is always needed. Keep in touch with your loved ones back home and let them know you are safe. Getting internet access for the most part is now accessible in most places in the world. This gives you access to your e-mails and even phone calls that can be made through companies like Skype.